The Need Is Creation Of An Equalitarian, Libertarian And Colloborative Alternative!


At the end of injustice and non-equal election, Erdogan has become the president of republic.

All facilities of the state were mobilized.On the screens, there was full of manipulated media and survey companies. Every time Erdogan opened his mouth, he threatened people with ethnical, denominational and sexist discrimination.

Although this efforts, Erdogan has been elected with the votes of the minority in a hard way. Majority of people has said NO to Erdogan.

With this result, although he has been selected to be president of republic, it’s not going to be that easy for him. It can be analyzed that there is a huge amount of outcry against the policies trying to capture all of the country’s future.

This outcry will take a stand against the steps that Erdogan will take to harden his denominated, fascist dictatorship, by becoming a riot.

On the other hand, results of presidential elections show that the strategy of right opening strategy, which is the same as AKP’s line, revealed the bankruptcy.

These results are not able to change the current situation, which indicates political crises of AKP. But, they easily show the situation which must be changed. The creation of an alternative of collaborative resistance is the urgent duty that the results of election gives us.

In this manner, the success of Selahattin Demirtaş can be read as a sign of success in this regard. It’s seen that by addressing whole Turkey, the domain also can be extended. If the candidacy of Selahattin Demirtaş covered all the dynamics of the entire opposition, ıt seemed the success would be bigger.

The presidential election is warning to the Left-Socialist movement

We must build a collaborative alternative to meet the needs of harder and more challenging struggle waiting us. If this alternative isn’t created, possibility of revolutionist resistance will sink into the ultimate despair. The left-socialist movement will be more effective only, in the case of discharging this responsibility

Alper Taş                    Bilge Seçkin Çetinkaya

Co President              Co President