The Intervention to Afrin Will Lead Turkey Into An Impasse


AKP’s wrong policies in Syria, made Turkey a part of the chaos in the Middle East. Now, AKP, with the military intervention to Afrin, is adding a new one to the bundle.

AKP-MHP alliance sees the military intervention to Afrin as a tool in domestic politics. With the intervention to Afrin, the country is wanted to be re-designed in a militaristic climate for 2019 elections. The Afrin military intervention is an operation to re-design the domestic politics dynamics. The idea is to go through Afrin to help out the jihadist in the Idlib who are helpless more than ever. The ‘’national’’ intervention claimed by AKP, to Middle East has never been national and never found legitimacy among the people of Turkey. The Turkey is being dragged to the Middle East chaos is another follow-up policy of USA. When looking to the problems with USA, though Turkey may seem as against the USA, Turkey is positioned in a pattern to feed the civil war in Syria as the USA wanted. Now Turkey is swinging in a pendulum between imperialist powers Russia and the USA in this sharing war. The AKP’s civil war policy with the jihadist had been ended and now Turkey has become a country of dishonesty and problematic with its all neighbors. With this sectarian and ethnic policies the dynamics of our country has been broke down and the country is now in a process of dissolution.

The military operation in to the Afrin will deepen the chaos further. With this operation, our country, which is a play-ground for the USA and the other imperialist powers, will be dragged into a deeper impasse. The intervention will deepen the ethnic fracture in Turkey. The yesterday’s wrong policies cannot be fixed with new wrong policies today. The AKP government must give up from the military intervention in to the Afrin and Syria. The AKP’s alliances with the ISIS’s leftovers in Idlib must be ended immediately and Turkey must stop feeding the wild fire across the neighbor Syria.

The argument of ‘’Turkey’s safety and security pursuit’’ which claimed by the government, can only be realized by ending the war in Syria. The across border operations in the sake of building and maintaining the peace, made Turkey’s borders a safe haven for the jihadists. Today, with the excuse of ‘’national’’ Afrin military operation, AKP is mobilizing the FSA (Free Syrian Army) gangs across our borders. The AKP is playing with fire and this fire will lead our country into devastation.

In order to building a democratic process in Syria, all the outer powers must leave the country, firstly USA. The Syrian people must decide the Syria’s united and democratic future. Every military front opened by Turkey and other countries, will postpone this must and lead Syria into a deeper disruption.

The Kurds in future Syria must take part as equals regarding nationality and rights. Never the less the Kurdish Movement’s alliance with the USA and synchronized policies with the USA is dragging the Kurdish nation into a new and cruel yoke. The Kurdish nation is being positioned as soldiers who would fight new wars by USA. Syrian peoples and Kurdish movement, in order to build their own future freely, should end their alliances with the USA and leave the shadow of imperialism. The Asad regime MUST recognize the Kurdish people’s rights as the Syria’s citizens and pave the way for solutions for Kurds to get out of the umbrella of imperialist USA. Turkey also MUST respect the Kurdish people’s status rights in and out of Turkey.

It is time, not to start new wars, but to end all the interventions into Syria for Syria’s united and democratic future. The realization of Turkey’s border safety is only possible with the democratic peace process in neighbor Syria. Every move against this ideal is against the peaceful future of Turkey and Syria.