All state power has been mobilized and every state official, such as sect leaders and district governors, has worked on behalf “yes” in this unjust referendum process. Voice of “NO” has been tried to suppress by the power of “state of emergency” and people has been tried to capture by fear and threat.

Despite all, millions, who say “NO”, made history yesterday. They showed their capacity to lay claim to Turkey’s fate under all conditions by achieving this kind of success in these circumstances.

In the end of the day, “NO” of the people became winner! “NO”, which was raised with people’s own means, solidarity and love, defeated “yes” of the state!

“NO” won in streets! However, it did not win only in streets it also won the elections! Nevertheless, government, which has manipulated every event from the parliament process to campaign process during the referendum period, interfered to the referendum results on behalf of “yes”.

Decision of Supreme Election Committee which is about acceptance of invalid voting paper as valid made the election results illegitimate. Statutory obligation changed by Supreme Elections Committee despite its lack of jurisdiction, and Supreme Election Committee took a role which officialises the results that were announced by Anadolu Agency.

This referendum, which is unjust, lawless and fraudulent from the beginning, should be ignored with its all results. People’s desire for democracy, which emerged in the election, would not accept this constitutional modification and Supreme Election Committee is extorting this desire for democracy.

Constitutional modification that was declared with chicane and 51 percent vote rate has not any political legitimacy. There is no possibility to rule this country with this constitutional change while at least half of the people are against to this modification.

İt is understood that Erdoğan and AKP (Justice and Development Party) are trying to announce referendum results rapidly and waiting for people’s acceptance. However, Erdoğan’s capacity to ride horse is only enough to fall off and he will face with this falling off scenario as before. Insistence about referendum results should be abandoned and this rigged pool should be ignored

Freedom and Solidarity Party, under all conditions, will protect “NO”, which we raised altogether, up to end.

Board of Presidents