The failure of  June the 15th coup attempt that would carry out further frightfulness upon our country is gladsome news for today. Nevertheless the failure of the coup does not mean democracy would flourish in this atmosphere. The developments after the coup attempt put out  concrete evidence for this conclusion.
After the inhibition of the coup attempt , the Erdoğan-AKP government used the anti-coup sentiments and resistance of the crowdeds in their benefits in order to realize their further political interests. The crowdeds in the streets has been mobilized around obscurant and reactionist slogans by the AKP government.
It is important to recall that the chaos we live in now is a conclusion of systematic work of the Erdoğan-AKP government that had been tried to rule country with opression and violence.
Due to this improvements that we experience, as Freedom and Solidarity Party, we see ourselves responsible to suggest warnings below.
1- The interlocutors of the failed coup of June the 15th , must account with a fair trial. Neverthless, clearence that has been carrying out by government in order to take control of the judiciary and public sphere in excuse of this attempt that carry out further AKP(JDP) recruitment policies must stop immediatly.
2- Re-claiming the death penalty on the agenda by the discourse of Erdoğan must dropped immediatly. The death penalty cannot pursued as a democratic request; it is inhumane. Erdoğan’s and AKP’s responsibilt is not to support the pro-death penalty fanatics but to stop them. Re-enactment of the death penalty means further darkness for the future of Turkey. The death penalty punishment must have not propose to the parliament.
3- The attacks that has been carried out by the people that also has been supported by state organisations (such as religious ministry), as in the case of yesterdays example of attacks on shita people of Malatya, Paşaköy county, and progressive sactions of the nation as posibble targets, must stopped immediatly. The AKP government and Erdoğan will be held responsible for every attack carried as responsible of mobiliziation of people around reactionary motto and slogans.
4- The presidency consultant Şeref Malkoç, in his public announcement called for a personal armament law bill proposition. This proposition is a call for a civil war. Encouragment of persenal armament is a illegal mobilization and armament call for the AKP’s public base and it eventually will end up an avanlanche that would swallow AKP and Turkey’s people.
5- The coup interpreneurs and as well as the lynch, homicide and harrasment cases that occured in the streets must be interrogated and the ciriminals must be identified and trialed. The detentions must  be trialed fairly in the sake of rule of law and human rights. The footages and images of torture that has been leaked from the police stations must be stopped and responsibles must be trialed immediatly.