We will achieve this shoulder to shoulder


Freedom and Solidarity Party made a statement to the press about Davutoglu’s having been dismissed from his position by the palace intervention. The presidential council of Freedom and Solidarity Party stated that Davutoğlu pinned under the brakeless truck which Erdoğan steers while he was trying to run ahead of it. In the statement, it was emphasized that Erdoğan may block the progressive, revolutionary resistance power of Turkey.

The statement of the presidential council of Freedom and Solidarity Party as follows,

Erdoğan, the one who stays in the position of President of Republic constitutionally defined as a “neutral” position, made a decision about extraordinary congress in AKP. He dismissed the prime minister and overthrew the government.

From now on, as a de facto president, Erdoğan declare himself as both the prime minister and the president of the republic.

In the de facto presidential regime, the government was extinguished actually. With the constitutional amendment about the legislative immunity, the parliament will be completely deactivated. Executive, legislative and judicial powers will be gathered up in the palace.

Erdoğan’s aim is obvious; turning the de facto presidency into the dictatorship.  For this, he directly took the steer. In the deepening war environment, Erdoğan will make new tactics including snap election in order to clear the way for the presidency by turning the heat on.

Now, it is not important anymore that neither who Justice and Development Party’s president will be nor the parliament. Erdoğan proceeds heedlessly as if a brakeless truck in order to protect his government. Also, Davutoğlu pinned under this truck which he tried to run ahead of it.

The only power that can stop this restless going and put an end to this strangeness is public. Public’s united struggle. We do not allow Erdoğan, who says authority without any condition and reservation belongs to the palace, to found the constitutional dictatorship with the sharia and caliphate constitution.

The only power that Erdoğan cannot discharge and cross over with his brakeless and flat tyred truck is the progressive, democrat, revolutionary resistance power of our country. Also, the power that eliminate this darkness is this power. We will achieve this shoulder to shoulder.