In Charlie Hebdo, jihadists gangs killed generation of cartoonists whose drawings are on the basis of ‘68s.

This massacre, was a summary of the point where all values of humanity are trying to pick by reactionary barbarism.

Al-Qaeda, ISIS or similar jihadists gangs are trying to carry the medieval barbarism to each point of the earth step by step.

It would be incomplete to see this massacre as a furious heretical group’s resort to violence. Need to focus mainly on the point where the sectarian fascism reaches by feeding each other in different shades.

The distance between the mentality of announcing 12 artists’ assassination as ‘Muslim attackers were killed “and the ISIS is not much as thought.

We are all passing through the period where the siege of rectionarism becomes more apparent with each day.

With targeting the all humanity’s progressive, free accumulation this mentality’s all trends that appear heretical is inherent to this sectarian mentality.

The development of today’s jihadists gangs, of course, is not by themselves. It’s known that imperialism enables Islamic movements in different levels to reformat the Middle East. The AKP government also supported in this way and was raised as one of the subject of this new generation of Islamist. The actual spread of jihadists gangs in recent years, especially in a part of the imperialist intervention in Syria was realized. ISIS, Al-Qaeda and similar structures was developed by imperialists and regional collaborators to perform the regime change in Syria. France took place at the top of the power supporting these gangs from Libya to North Africa and in Syria. The imperialists tried to design the region on the basis of a sectarian war.
Today in many points of the Middle East such jihadists gang structures have reached the power to set up small and large power centers.

Due to the out of control of these forces as ISIS, imperialist centers have launched a new international war to limit these structures.
Paris massacre shows that this war is not limited to the Middle East. Moreover, these jihadist structures -that are developed by the support of imperialist centers- include a large number of Europeans and Americans.

That’s why the world is now facing reactionary barbarism that is produced by the imperialist barbarism.

Also in reverse, it’s also known that the Paris massacre could incite rising racist and xenophobic attitudes in Europe. This wave of reactionary polarization can open doors to new massacres, but mainly it may cause the anger against the deepening economic and social crisis to stuck in these areas.

Therefore, today it’s very important to organize political opposition primarily against the wave of these sectarian attacks. Otherwise, the powers who developed jihadists as a founder subject of the new democratic order in the Middle East could walk around as “apostle of democracy fighting against barbarism”