This fight is not people’s fight


The statement of ÖDP for the last developments

We lived an extraordinary night.

Armed forces declared that it seized control while Prime Minister and President was saying it as a ‘coup attempt’.

Police clashed with a section of the military and and soldiers are in their own division.

This table is the result of the ‘civil war’ in the state and this is the product of the darkness that the AKP regime dragging the country.

AKP under Erdogan’s chieftaincy dragged our country to a clear disaster by silencing the whole community and trying to dominate Islamist fascism step by step.

They ruined the country collectively!

Now it is to be clearly understood: This way out of the darkness is not coup and tank-balls or allegiance to the Erdogan-AKP regime.

This fight is not people’s fight.

Let’s not let the theft of the people’s fight.

The real solution is located outside the options offered by this conflict happening which is against people of Turkey. The only way to save our country from this darkness is the people’s United and organized opposition.

We do not accept the determination of the future of the country by surrounding  the streets by tanks and by bombing the Parliament.

We’re going through a new chaotic environment in which this initiative is turning to jihadist calls.

The result, which appear in this process, would be an open dictatorship, an open fascism. Erdogan, instead of taking measures to ensure the safety of the public, by calling to take to thestreets  he already gave the signs of that.

We will stand clearly against to efforts in making this situation as a reason of the “presidential system”.

We therefore urge our people to united struggle against this concrete danger

we have no other way but to fight for secularism, freedom, democracy for to re-establish the basic conditions of life to live together in dignity.