Certainly EQUALITY, Certainly LABOR, Certainly HOPE

We congratulate Left Coalition Syriza, with whom we try to amplify similar hopes at the both sides of the Aegean Sea, for their victory over the elections.
We sincerely salute our friends, with whom we build barricades from the both sides of the sea against the USA leading Imperialist forces and the global capitals dominance, on our way to a world based upon equality and freedom.
Syriza victory means the beginning of the people’s quest of a new world order in Europa and in all over the world against the capitalism which does not offer nothing but barbarism to all humanity.
Syriza victory means the victory of the Greek people who were convicted to the unemployment, the exploitation, the poverty by the IMF backed UE policies under the pretext of austerity program.
In Greece, Hope Has Won.
This hope has showed that people are not obliged to this corrupt system and that it’s possible to change it and reconstruct it.
Now is the time to magnify that hope and bring it to all over the world.
Today, Syriza has taken a responsibility to magnify that hope to tomorrow with the Greek people to reconstruct a better Greece, a better Europe, and a better world.
Chosen by the public opposition who turned the streets into resistance grounds against the exploitation and robbery order, Syriza will not inspire only Europe but also the entire world as they accomplish this hard task they have been given.
We are living in a period in which the ruthless capitalist system is once more questioned and all kinds of resistance is amplified from all over the world against the inequality and injustice caused by the neoliberalism. We are passing through times where the people are demanding to have a saying in sharing of the wealth and income and raise their voices from the streets, from the neighborhoods, from the working places. Now, from Europe to Turkey, From Latin America to Middle East, our responsibility to aggrandize this hope is greater than ever and Syriza gives us the inspiration to accomplish that goal.
Knowing that, we congratulate our friends from the “opposite shore of the Aegean” one more time and we wish them success on their hard task.

Alper Taş                              Bilge Seçkin Çetinkaya
Co-Chair                               Co-Chair