The current process is very crucial in defining the near future of our country.

Erdoğan employs every kind of manipulation and oppression to be able to control the Presidential Election under his rule.

Ending the cruel system of AKP, which is gradually turning into a dictatorship, is only possible through a united and strong resistance of all the opposition, just like it was in June.

It is our most important duty to take the steps which will strengthen our united struggle in every sphere. We have no other solution.

Yes on one side they stand; they have their values; their “Hello Fatih”, their cats inside power disturbing units, their tear gases, their rockets in their hands, their bulldozers, riot control machines, election thresholds, prohibitions, shoe boxes, chit chatters, “daddies…”

And on the other side is the public, is the June. We have our values; solidarity, collective action, the right to speak and decide, harmony with nature, freedom, real secularism, defending of our collective areas, independence, coexistence, brotherhood, and resistance.

We will meet again in the squares of May 1 to build Turkey again, this time with the values of the June.

We will be in Taksim Square in İstanbul.

The prohibition of Taksim, which has been first declared by the AKP’s provincial chairman and later approved by the governor, has no legitimate base.

OnMay 1, 2013 access to Taksim Square was deniedon the pretext of the construction then. This year’s decision shows us that the intention is not as it appears. AKP is trying to take the public squares away from laborers, from workers and from the public and turning these places into new areas of capital accumulation.

The duty of AKP, condemned for this decision by ECHR, is not to show new places to the workers but to assure people’s freedom to protest.

We warn AKP once again. Stop building barricades against people, stop prohibiting. Because, no matter what you say, we will be in Taksim on May 1.

In every city in the country we will be on the streets on May 1.

Now it is the time to go out to the streets to protect the future of the country.

Alper TAŞ                                              Bilge SeçkinÇetinkaya

Co-Chairperson                                          Co-Chairperson