Two days ago, civil war was rehearsed in multiple places during day and night through the assault of the police and armed mobs, resulting in death of 14 citizens.

Subsequently, curfew was declared and the troops were unleashed into the streets in 6 cities after years.
These are the glimpses of the dark future into which our country is being dragged by the bigoted and fascistic mentality.
AKP (governing party) both provokes a regional war and lays the foundations for a civil war by the agency of armed mobs.
Who is responsible for this tyranny and the casualties, is this bigoted and fascistic approach of AKP, of Erdogan and Davutoglu at the outset.
While people in Kobane are striving to defend themselves against the carnage of mobs, Erdogan greedily lays down conditions in the event that “Kobane will soon fall”.
AKP, whose military and economic association with ISIS, along with their mindset identicalness is known by all and sundry, aims to constitute a ground for expansionist politics in the region by establishing a negotiation platform through ISIS slaughters.
The State of AKP works up to defuse the Kurd will-power which improved in “safe zone” and in Rojava, and to deepen the civil war in Syria by direct action of the new mob, “moderate opposition”
AKP demands more wars and bloodshed to stand against ISIS carnage.
AKP who rouses an ethnic and doctrinal war in the region and within the country, must come to its senses. It must back out of the ambush it laid under the shadow of the imperial barbarism and the mobs at once.
1. All the obstacles standing in the way of humanitarian aid and any kind of solidarity regarding Kobane, must be dispelled.
2. A field hospital must be established for the wounded coming from Kobane, and all the demands of the volunteer physicians must be fulfilled.
3. All the economic and military association with the ISIS mobs must be exterminated and our frontiers must be extricated from serving as transit bases for mobs.
4. Any sort of intervention regarding Syria’s internal policies must be avoided and all the association with the new mob which goes by the name of “the moderates” must be ceased.
5. Coalition of the imperial barbarians must be abandoned and the Bill must be annulled.
In order to disrupt AKP’s regional and civil war plot, we all together must struggle against the constraint on Rojava’s freedom dynamics which are also crucial for the future of the region against the mobs. However, within this struggle, any kind of deed which may impair social reconciliation and the legitimacy of solidarity must be avoided. These kinds of deeds set the stage for the governmental powers who seek to conceal ISIS and turn it all into a matter of Turkish-Kurdish conflict.
Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP) is going to strive with all its strength to develop a unified opposition movement which is to invalidate AKP’s regional war plots and civil war rehearsals, and it is going to be in solidarity with the Kurd, the Arabian, the Turkmenian, the Yazidi and all the people in Middle East in this common struggle.

Alper TAŞ                                  Bilge SeçkinÇetinkaya
Co-Chairperson                       Co-Chairperson